Matthew Haentschke

Software Developer & Co-Founder

Before making the switch to C++ development, Matthew worked as a Product Engineer for Analog Devices, Inc's next generation transceiver group where he was the primary engineer responsibly for testing and evaluation of the real-time quadrature-error correction algorithms controlled by the transceiver's embedded micro-processor.  His major contributions to the group's transceiver development included a novel automated hardware and software RF testing apparatus, which allowed for high levels of test repeatability and reliability and greatly shortened software release and debug cycles.

Matthew is an avid gamer and is excited to be part of the next step in evolution of game and geometry streaming technology.

Mr. Haentschke received his Master of Science in Microwave Engineering from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina.  His research focused on Sub-Terahertz LNAs and coupling structures for use in short-range radar applications.

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