In recent years, a growing stockpile of low-quality patents have been hurled like boulders by trolls that rob the innocent, innovative wayfarer.

Many of these low-quality 'patents' are, at best, poorly differentiated from the prior-art and, at worst, devoid of inventive concept and novelty. These patents stifle innovation.

Yet, there are cases where the patent system successfully helps innovators protect their investment in differentiated R&D, and provides a clear path to realizing the value created by real innovation. In such cases the patent system can actually work to encourage inventive effort, and foster true innovation.

Primal Space Inc. is an innovative technology company focused on developing a unique and novel type of data called the visibility event packet, which will allow game engine content to be streamed to users in a way that provides much better quality-of-service than video-based streaming, at significantly lower cost.

This data stream is based on a uniquely practical solution to the difficult problem of from-region visibility: that is, what surfaces are unoccluded when viewed from small regions within a real or virtual environment, and how does this visibility precisely evolve from region to region.  Primal Space's method of computing these visibility event packets defines a new framework for understanding from-region visibility without the computational and implementation complexity introduced by quadric surfaces. The method includes specific techniques for encoding visibility event packets with the precision and granularity needed for efficient 3D content streaming.

The precomputed VE packets are nominally prefetched to the client using navigation prediction. Primal Space's method also includes techniques for scalable, adaptive, perception-based VE packet streaming which ensures that the appropriate VE packets arrive on time, by adapting to substantial variability in local visibility gradient, packet payloads, and network conditions.

Together, these methods define a novel system which could change the way games are delivered by broadband and wireless, and create entirely new applications for game engine content such as immersive interactive television.

Primal Space is a software company. We are a dedicated team that has invested considerable effort developing these methods.  Our R&D program has emphasized working software over patent filings. When our budget did not allow full implementation, we remained diligent in filing IP using a system that the world depends on to encourage and protect truly innovative processes, methods, and systems.

During the development of digital video, early MPEG-1 methods delivered very limited performance. Performance improved with subsequent encoding and decoding innovations. To achieve MPEG-2, which enabled DVD quality, took a great deal of R&D investment by many private companies and research institutions. Primal Space has incorporated this historic lesson into its R&D strategy, which emphasizes an iterative co-development of algorithms and working software that together define the essential methods of a very advanced version of the visibility event protocol. This strategy has resulted in a software library and an IP portfolio that are positioned to accelerate the development and adoption of an important new method of streaming interactive content.

The patent controversy is certainly not new.  The adoption of MPEG was facilitated by a large, and often controversial, patent pool.  Eighty years earlier, Orville and Wilbur Wright were widely criticized for stifling innovation by aggressively defending their key patents for methods of controlling flight.  Ultimately, they participated in one of the first successful patent pools, which facilitated the growth of the aviation industry.

Primal Space is a software company. We will not hide behind our patents. Instead, we plan to stand behind our software. Software is the actual embodiment of method. Compilers will quickly reject hyperbole, empty patent claims, or any other form of bullshit.

We have taken leadership in an important technology effort designed to enable a new type of interactive media. This new media will be powered by today's high performance game engines and fueled by a novel data stream delivering the next generation of immersive, interactive content.

We ask game engine companies, graphics hardware companies and other stakeholders to imagine the possibilities created by a data stream that instantly, fluidly, and securely delivers game engine content-as-a-service.

Primal Space is building the software that will realize these possibilities.

We are recruiting technical co-founders with superior game engine programming skills and/or interest in computational geometry. If you have what it takes to revolutionize the way content is streamed, then contact us. 

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