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I am writing to update you on some interesting progress on the mission at Primal Space.

First, software development is accelerating. We now have a team of six software developers making steady progress toward encoding the first ever high-precision visibility event packet. These GPEG packets are designed to enable efficient interactive streaming of rich, geometric representations of the world…for entertainment, navigation and tactical systems.

Second, in late December I briefed US Congressman Scott Perry (4TH District PA) on the controversies surrounding autonomous aviation in the low altitude airspace of the United States.  Solomon Luo's contacts at Temple helped arrange the meeting.  Included in the briefing was an overview of our emerging GPEG-navigational data stream, which could help open the low-altitude airspace to meaningful commerce (e.g. drone package and mail delivery) while also improving the ability of the FAA and DHS to monitor and control this important airspace.  I illustrated how such a system could address a balance of concerns including privacy, public safety, national security implications, and economic opportunity. I emphasized that these important and difficult issues will benefit from proactive Congressional leadership, as the regulatory agencies will likely have too much institutional inertia to act effectively.

Remarkably, just a few weeks ago an amendment to HR 4441 (the AIRR Act)   was offered, which in my opinion, shows precisely the type of leadership that will be necessary to confront and manage these complex, emerging issues. I would like to think that by exercising our civic privilege and duty to inform and engage our elected officials, we have helped seed a grass roots effort which could one day make the United States a safer and more prosperous nation.

Legislative initiatives - Perry Amendment.PNG

Last month, I also had the opportunity to meet at length with former DHS Secretary Tom Ridge, another PA connection.  Tom was very interested in our company and its emerging technology and has initiated an effort to connect us with a certain potential strategic partner/investor.

These leadership contacts were made with the help of Judge John Jones. Schuylkill County is of course fortunate to have such an outstanding public servant as a native son.  We are also lucky to have him supporting the Primal Space mission.

Recently with his help we have also been contacted by the office of U.S. Congressman Bill Schuster, who is the Chairman of the House Transportation Committee, and the sponsor of HR 4441.

Last week I was asked to meet with General(Ret.) Ted Nicholas. General Nicholas retired in December, after 37 years of service in Army Intelligence, including Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Partner Engagement at ODNI.  Ted is coming back home to NC to retire. He thinks that the GPEG effort is unique and interesting, and has agreed to help.  He knows General Joulwan well, as he did serve under his command some years ago.  He has also benefited from Mark Lowenthal’s wisdom during some IC educational programs.

Last month we did submit 2 Small Business Innovation Research proposals, one for SOCOM and one for Navy.  We also filed two new patent applications.

Primal Space has been a busy place. With the ongoing support of our Board ,Advisors and investors, we will continue to burn the midnight oil in an effort to create shareholder value through innovative software.  Thanks again for your investment and support. 


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