We got tired of waiting.

We got tired of latency and stuttering.  We got tired of video-based streaming, which can't fully deliver because it's sending the wrong type of data. Building a better pipe with more bandwidth doesn't solve the problems caused by using a 30 year old image-based technology to deliver today's rich interactive content.

So we imagined a better way to stream the data.

Primal Space is a group of innovative thinkers and builders with the unique skillsets that enabled us to develop the barrier-breaking GPEG (Geometry Pump Engine Group) technology.  GPEG is poised to deliver latency-free, interactive 3D content without compression and without compromising on resolution. It's an entirely new streaming platform with disruptive implications for the ways companies deliver and end-users consume the rich 3D data of real and virtual environments.

We imagined it. We're building it and we can't wait to share it.


General inquires:  info@primalspacesystems.com


Primal Space Systems Inc.   |   Two Hannover Square, 434 Fayetteville Street   |   Suite 2100   |   Raleigh, NC  27601   |   919.615.0655


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