GPEG Next-gen Games-as-a-Service. Beyond Video.

GPEG (Geometry Pump Engine Group) is game engine middleware that implements a new type of stream for cloud gaming over broadband and 4G networks. GPEG is designed to provide a higher quality of service than video-based game streaming, at a much lower cost.

GPEG specifies a well-buffered content stream of pre-encoded Visibility Event Packets. These packets are encoded offline and can be streamed without the expensive game-server hardware required by video-based game streaming systems.

The GPEG stream maintains a cache of renderable content on the remote client game engine. This well-buffered cache avoids the lag, compression artifact, and frame-drop problems of video-based game streaming.  GPEG requires less bandwidth than video-based game streaming and, unlike video-based game streaming can be used to stream fully interactive 4k and VR experiences.

GPEG streaming technology incorporates unique methods of conservative visibility precomputation and visibility cache management which improve rendering performance, allowing virtually instant delivery of a fluid, responsive gaming experience.

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